Roadside Restaurants | Zaragoza | Spain | Designed By Langarita-Navarro

Km. 45 A-122, La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza
architects: Víctor Navarro, María Langarita; team: Roberto González, Cristina Garzón, Juan Palencia; structural engineers: Mecanismo s.l.; mechanical engineers: Nieves Plaza;

photo: Miguel de Guzmán, Luis Díaz Díaz, LNA

Roadside restaurants are a rare species within the increasingly prestigious restaurant world. Such places superpose their condition as an infrastructure adapted to the commercial, informational and social flow of the road network on mythical scenarios taken from road movies and literature. In recent years, their structures have evolved in order to offer services for large-format events without this having involved anything more than a change in scale. The project rose to the challenge of changing this trend by building a structure capable of managing a programme subject to constant reorganisation, with the presence of a heterogeneous public and the expectation of diverse uses, a flexible space capable of setting itself up as a scenario for almost any type of activity. The aim was to transform a roadside restaurant into a versatile infrastructure for events and meals........more
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