Restaurant Interior Design | Restaurante El Mercao | Pamplona Navarra |Spain Designed By Estudio Vaillo + Irigaray

We like the restaurants that change: that every time that you are different ... that change with your emotions, with the type of event you want, with the environment that you want to recreate ... (hate the feeders) ... We like places that speak of where they are, the climate in which they are involved, what are the side ... we like the restaurants that have appropriated places, dwellings that can be tailored for each ... rarely found ... maybe that's why we accept the challenge of making a restaurant in a merca'o ...
Arguments: always the same, abstract metaphors related to what happens around the project, client, location, use ...: in this case the use of elements related to the kitchen-food-market, out of context and offered and exposed as Warhol's paintings: empty bottles (or drink), pots, butcher tables ... not as mere pictures, but "arquitecturizados"(if there is a word): lattice of green glass bottles, lighting and acoustic ceilings stews, tables, benches, tables and floors butcher ...more
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