Monki 2 | Showroom Interior By Electric Dreams

The City of Oil and Steel, our second interior concept for Monki, is a mysterious post apocalyptic city, a warm, dark, and biohazardous place; filled with dismantled skyscraper parts, strange vegetation, neon, asphalt, and intensely powerful machinery.
The City of Oil and Steel is a metropolis that has been surrendered by mankind an eternity ago, and gradually mutated into something different. Massive movable machine parts sprawl in all directions.Coloured sprouts spring from a pool of poisonous chemical residue. Giant chains of toxicity float through an endless black sky,
occasionally dipping to touch the floor…
The first gateway into the City of Oil and Steel opened in March 2008, and has since then opened in about 25 locations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany.
Photos by Fredrik Sweger.
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