Bar Interior Design | El Tubo Puericultorio Perez Aranibar l Lima , Perú Designed By Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido

The bar, a job on the instructions of the Kent cigarettes brand is sited in the old and semi abandoned Puericultorio Pérez Araníbar building, a neoclassical palace dated 1820, built to house an orphanage.
The project uses two rooms of the second level of one of the pavilions of the palace, considering that the building is part of the city of Lima cultural heritage. This condition lead us to think on one element only that, absolutely out of context of the rest of the building, would acquire no relationship with the preexisting architecture, so as to not interfere the space, but to transgress it.
The building was used as a container where the content is introduced, executing this time a new container that will house the bar and the art gallery. These two programs live together within an independent and self-referring element. A tube.
The overall length of the two joint rooms was used and a pavilion of curve borders was introduced, separated from the floor, the ceiling and walls, so when entering, you are totally outside the building. The tube was drilled on the middle part of one of its walls and the middle of its ceiling, generating from these holes the single blue-violet light entrance to the space. This highlights the idea that this element floats inside the building.
A longitudinal bar arranges the single space, stressing the length and strengthening the concept of being inside a single element. In the space leaved by the bar are located five sculptures and at the lateral pavilions huge frame pictures. Peruvian contemporary artists supplied the art-works.
The strip formed by this tube initiates the search of a continuous upon the following elements of the interior design. The furniture, therefore, were created under the concept of a membrane that runs along its backing structure, consistent with the lightness idea.
From the furniture to the dishes, everything in this bar was designed following a very abstract and neutral aesthetic.
The material used were steel, plaster board, lacquered mdf and shining white epoxy paint....more
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